Year: 2020

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses


I saw The Mummy on TV the other day and I really enjoyed it, such a classic. I remember the first time I saw it, I was terrified, but also fascinated by the Egyptian world. My friends got over it quickly and moved on, but not me. This wasn’t the time I realized I loved ancient Egypt, though.  Even though I was moved after watching the movie, it took a while to start noticing that the things I’d been drawn to in my life – from little objects like golden watches to something bigger, like large, imposing murals – were all somehow connected to the ancient Egyptian civilization and its mythology.

Egyptian mythology is one of the richest and most complex civilizations. It’s an intricate system of artifacts, stories, rituals, and beliefs. The ancient Egyptians were trying to understand the world around them, and so they built this mythological system, rich in metaphors. Different gods represented different aspects of nature, and people were afraid of angering them and upsetting the balance. They became an important part of their religion and appear in many of their writings and art.

I really like Amun-Ra, or The Hidden One. He was the king of the gods and goddesses. Essentially, he was the god of air, who, when he became amalgamated with the sun god Ra, became Amun Ra. He was actually thought to be the father of pharaohs. I could easily say that he is my favorite, but there are so many other gods and goddesses that are amazing, I feel like I’m choosing an avatar for a video game! But, I’ll proceed nonetheless.

Thoth was the god of knowledge and wisdom, but also of writing, magic, and the moon. He was the mediator between good and evil, and he was a master of the universal laws. His name may not sound very familiar to you if you haven’t read much about Egyptian mythology, but he was beyond revered, and even credited with the creation of the 365-day calendar. By popularity, he’s somewhere up there between Queen Nefertiti and King Tutankhamun.

And lastly, Sekhmet, the goddess of war and healing is one I really really like. She is the daughter of Ra, and she leads and protects pharaohs during wars. She is usually depicted as a lioness with a solar disk and an Egyptian cobra which was associated with the divine. She is known as having great strength and capable of destroying the enemies of her allies.

What ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses do you like?